These are containers with a thermally insulated body, equipped with a refrigerating device that maintains the temperature inside the refrigerating container within the range from -25°С to +25°С. They are intended for the transportation and (or) storage of cargo with a certain temperature regime, such as perishable cargo. Some models of ThermoKing freezer containers can reach temperatures as low as -35°C. Our company offers refrigeration containers from the main manufacturers - "Carrier", "Thermo King", "Starcool" and "Daikin". In our opinion, this type of refrigeration equipment is currently used the most. The year of production of the container can be in the range of 2002-2020. Each manufacturer has its own model range, which is mainly determined by the year of manufacture and which has certain advantages or highlights.

For convenient cargo storage, we can also offer new containers with Thermo King equipment, equipped with easy-to-open handles and a light inside the container.